Experienced Instructors and Classroom Teachers and Student Teachers

An on-line job application will open here in February for Summer 2019 positions.

UT PREP instructors will be compensated on an individual basis taking experience and education into account. To be eligible, you must be an experienced, certified secondary classroom teacher or an experienced higher education instructor. Spring 2019 UTeach graduates must be planning on taking the certification exams and are referred to as instructors in training. (see the summer camps tab for information about the camps)

Instructors must be available for the entire summer and commit to the following schedule.

1. Camp Dates: Monday - Thursday June 17 -July 25 (off - no camp July 1st -4th)

Staff work hours on Camp Days: most work 7:45am - 4:15pm (a few will work 7:30-4:00 or 8:00-4:30 (-30 min lunch)  

Location: UT Austin Main Campus


2. Other Required Staff Workdays in Painter Hall at UT Austin: 

June 11 (9am-3pm) - all new staff (first full summer with our camps)

June 12-14 (9am-3pm) all summer staff

June 21 (Friday 9-12) all summer staff

July 12 (Friday 9-12) all summer staff

July 19 (Friday 9-3) all summer staff - full day 


Current Summer 2019 Full-Time Positions Available: additional positions may be posted in Feb 2019 based on returning staff.

Research & Inquiry Instructors (2 needed) - The Research & Inquiry Instructor needs to be a certified teacher or higher education instructor familiar with planning and executing inquiries in a lab setting. Instructor must have experience in leading minors through lab activities. This instructor will lead two classes of roughly 26 rising 9th & 10th grade students through designing and implementing their own independent inquiry. Students will analyze data collected from this inquiry and produce a college-level research paper and poster. 

Statistics Instructor (2 needed) - The instructor for Statistics needs to be a certified teacher or higher education instructor familiar with Statistics using "R". The instructor will teach two classes of 26 rising 9th/10th graders.

UT PREP 3 & 4 College & Career Awareness Instructor (1 needed) - This position is only open to high school counselors, or to individuals who have professional experience in advising high school students on college and career planning. 

Computer Science Instructor (for 5 or 3 weeks) (2-4 needed) - The instructor for Computer Science needs to be a certified teacher or higher education instructor with programming and computer science teaching background. The instructor should be familiar with inquiry-based and project-based learning approaches to foster creativity and problem solving skills. In the course, the instructor will lead the students through several modules such as programming, digital representation, digital manipulation, understanding the basics of computer systems, big data and artificial intelligence through its modern applications. The instructor will teach one class of approximately 28 rising 10th / 11th graders through the discovery and study of these topics.

Mentor Teacher for PREP 1, 2 or 3 (4 needed) - Responsible for two classes of rising 7th/8th graders (UT PREP 1), 8th/9th graders (UT PREP 2), or 9th/10th graders (UT PREP 3). Will oversee logistics for their cohort and serve as a source of support for all instructors working in their cohort. With an intern will greet students in the morning and release in the afternoon, supervise field trips, and ensure the social and academic success of their students. The Lead Mentor Teacher will supervise all interns serving his or her cohort and monitor the well-being of all the students in the cohort. He or she will work with the Social Worker / Family Support Specialist in order to devise and execute intervention plans to address student need and to ensure that the academic and social needs of each student are met. He or she will meet regularly and offer classroom tips to teachers for classroom management, instructional practice and, when appropriate, curriculum content advice.