Our Impact

Our Impact

At UTeach Outreach, we believe we can change the world, one future scientist, engineer, and mathematician at a time, starting with students and teachers in Austin. Since 2003, UTeach Outreach has placed approximately 4,000 UT students to teach science lessons in more than 200 classrooms across Austin, most of which serve underprivileged students. UTeach Outreach students have spent more than 28,000 hours engaging public school students and teachers with UTeach lessons. Each semester, Outreach students and partnering student organizations host field trips for schools in the area on the University of Texas campus. These trips help introduce core STEM concepts and help hundreds of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders each semester. In addition, student volunteers have spent more than 6,600 hours each year working on STEM-related special events and UTeach Outreach presentations.

By the numbers:

24,000 contact hours that UTeach is engaged in public school lessons each year during the school day 

6,600 hours on STEM-related special events and presentations each year

1,300 University students serving the schools each year 

140 6th–10th grade students participating in six-week long full day UT PREP STEM Camps in summer 2015 (scaling to 400 summer 2016)

100+ classroom teachers and future teachers trained each year in great instruction and rich content

1400 3rd–6th grade students introduced to STEM concepts each year on UTeach Outreach field trips

This year, the UTeach Outreach program continues to support the community by engaging students in STEM activities. This year, more than 400 UT students will serve as volunteer teachers and provide in-depth UTeach Outreach lessons to approximately 38 schools through the Outreach course, reaching more than 4,800 students. UTeach Outreach will also support the delivery of lessons by UT student volunteers for Outreach sponsored field trips to the University. Many more classrooms and groups are served during a variety of fun volunteer events. Please join us to change the world.