Internship Opportunities
To be eligible for a UTeach Internship with UTeach Outreach, you must have a minimum 2.6 GPA, be enrolled as a student at UT, and consider yourself to be a dependable team member.

Why a UTeach Outreach Internship?

As a member of our internship team you'll have unique experiences and opportunities that prepare you for almost any career path you find yourself on. You'll find that the fieldwork, training, and connections you make open up more doors for you than you thought possible. 

No matter the position you are interested in, you can count on the following to be included in your internship with us: 

  • Flexible Schedule - We know that you are a student first and want to support your academic success. We will work with your schedule to find what projects and fieldwork best fit where you are at. 


  • On and Off Campus Opportunities - Whether you are looking to put your effort into on campus initiatives, or make an impact within your community, we have a place for you.


  • Be Part of our Collaborative Team - You can look forward to joining a team that values your individual ideas, creative solutions, and listens to your questions. We believe a diverse, and welcoming team is key to accomplishing our mission!


  • Field Experience with K-12 Learning Environments - Educating, teaching, mentoring, and leading are qualities that most professionals need in order to be successful. Why not gain hands-on experiences in these skillsets while inspiring future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians?!


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Internship Positions

UTeach Outreach Course Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (6–20 hours) — Improve your presentation, teaching and organization skills by taking on a leadership postition in one of our university courses

Afterschool Program Club Leader (6–20 hours) — Take on a leadership role in your own STEM after-school club. In your weekly club meetings you'll present STEM activities and challenges to students with a team of Outreach staff members and other UT students.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Intern                 (6-20hrs) - Lead elementary and middle school students through coding and engineering challenges with a team of other staff and students! Prior experience is preferred, but not required. 


Want more information before applying?

Let us know at outreach@uteach.utexas.edu