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We are changing the world, one future scientist, engineering, and mathematician at a time.

Get Involved

If you are looking for ways to make positive, lasting impacts in your community while earning class credit, consider making us a part of your next semester. We provide a variety of ways for university students - both undergraduate and graduate, STEM and non-STEM majors - to promote STEM education in local elementary and middle school classrooms.

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Experiential and Service Learning

Discover how UT students can gain experiential and service learning opportunities through our courses. Learn how these university initiatives can enhance both students' learning and their impact.

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Outreach Course for Undergraduates

This unique course is planned around your schedule and provides opportunities to boost your resume, strengthen your content, engage in leadership, and improve your communication skills.

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Outreach Course for Graduate Students

UTeach Outreach students have the opportunity to engage in their own content, communicate their experiences and passions to others, and make a positive impact on their communities.