Experiential/Service Learning

What is Experiential/Service Learning?


Experiential and Service Learning with UTeach Outreach allows you to take ownership of your learning, inspire students to take an active interest in STEM, and leave a positive impact on your local community. Come maximize your knowledge, experience, and impact!

Experiential Learning

An initiative at the University of Texas at Austin that provides opportunities for undergraduate students to "learn by doing". This type of learning is designed to further engage students in the core content of their UT courses and provide additional application opportunities. 

With UTeach Outreach, UT students have the opportunity to further engage in their content experiences and share them with K-12 students. Students enrolled in our undergraduate courses do this by leading their own STEM after-school clubs, presenting electrical engineering and computer science challenges, supporting community events, and more! 

To learn more about experiential learning at UT, click here!

Service Learning

This type of learning is an opportunity for students at the University of Texas at Austin to complete some of their coursework while simultaneously having a positive impact on their community. This type of educational pedagogy aims to weigh learning and service equally in classes. 

Embedded into our graduate and undergraduate classes are the keystones of service learning: reflection and reciprocity. We provide UT students a variety of opportunities to engage with their peers while also supporting and addressing community priorities in STEM education. UTeach Outreach courses provide students with pathways, connections, and ideas for promoting positive change in their current and future communities

To learn more about service learning at UT, click here!

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