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UTeach Outreach is hiring for Summer 2020!

To be eligible for a internship with UTeach Outreach, you must have a minimum 2.6 GPA, be enrolled as a student at UT Austin, and be dependable. You will be compensated $14/hour. 

For summer internships, priority is given to ULN students who were UTeach Outreach interns in Spring 2020 or who plan to intern with UTeach Outreach in Fall 2020. Priority is also given to students who are currently in the UTeach teacher preparation program. 

Summer 2020 Positions - Apply Here

  • Engineering / Maker Intern - Engineering/Maker interns support a certified teacher to deliver hands-on lessons to middle and high school students. This position allows you to build bridges, solder, use power tools and hand saws, and/or operate a laser cutter this summer. Great for those of you pursuing the Maker Certification in UTeach.
  • Mathematical Problem Solving Intern (Algebra to Pre-Calculus) - Mathematical Problem Solving Interns support a certified teacher to deliver hands-on lessons to 6th-8th graders. The Problem Solving team ensures that our students like math and feel comfortable manipulating numbers and equations.
  • Computer Science/Electrical Engineering Intern – These interns have the option of teaching Electrical Engineering with Arduino to 6th - 8th graders OR helping a certified teacher teach C++, Java, and other programming languages to 9th/10th graders. Great for those of you interested in computer science.
  • Algebraic Structures Intern – Algebraic Structures Interns assist a certified teacher in leading 7th/8th graders through topics in abstract/modern algebra. 
  • Statistics intern (must have taken at least 1 semester of college statistics including "R" programming and have made an A) – The Statistics Interns help a certified teacher teach 8th/9th graders topics in Statistics using RStudio. These students then design their own independent inquiry, perform it in a UT research lab, and then bring the data back to your class to analyze it with your support. 
  • Research & Inquiry Intern (must have made an B+ or better in Research Methods or equivalent lab course) – In this position, you would help a certified teacher mentor 8th/9th graders as they design and implement their own independent inquiry in a UT research lab. The culmination of this class is a college-level research project. Having taken Statistics in high school or college is a plus.