Why UT PREP? 

 Porque UT PREP?  


Families choose UT PREP for a number of reasons. Our camps are rigorous and rewarding. Students take challenging classes with their academic peers from all across Central Texas. Our curriculum has been approved by the Texas Education Agency and is taught by content area experts. And it's fun! Our students benefit tremendously from the resources of the world-famous Tier One Research university, UT Austin. 

Our engaging classes encourage students to take risks in a supportive environment that grows their intellectual capabilities. Who wouldn't want that? 

How is the program structured? 

UT PREP is designed to be a five-week camp that students have the option to take for four consecutive summers beginning in middle school. Each summer, the academics build on the previous year's camp. The camp day runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. 

Students can lose up to 60% of the knowledge learned in the previous school year over summer break. Source: The Nellie Mae Education Foundation 

  UT PREP advances your student's knowledge in the summer. Click on a category below to learn more.   
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