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Laurie Jack

I have been involved in almost every aspect of the Outreach program, from being a student in the Outreach course to an intern to now full-time staff. I am the Program Coordinator primarily for the Outreach course, but as you probably already know, many projects overlap. I have the privilege of interacting with college students in the course, interns, faculty, staff, as well as 2nd to 6th graders on occasion. Although the children are what inspire me, I enjoy working with all age groups, especially the amazing interns that grow in Outreach and then use those skill in their own life after Outreach. My two biggest dreams are to change the world by inspiring children to believe in themselves and be confident enough to set high goals to achieve. The second is to encourage people (including the O4L team AKA you) to stay passionate and continue to remember what motivated them to make a difference in the lives of others no matter what they go on to accomplish. I truly believe the Outreach program is allowing me to get a glimpse of what changing the world feels like. I continue to grow and learn everyday. Two years ago, I got married and changed my name from Laurie Briseño to Laurie Jack, so be sure to change your contact info for me! I also have a new six month old son named Jaxon who makes me even more excited about making our community great for him. I am also looking forward to keeping in touch with all of the O4L team because, as you already know, teamwork makes the dream work!

My quote to live by is, “The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson and every person I meet is my teacher,” by Craig Harper.