UTeach Outreach Course

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UTeach Outreach is changing the world, one future scientist, engineer, and mathematician at a time. You can, too!

Every semester, UT students from all majors enroll in the UTeach Outreach CH207K and CH371K courses. These UT students learn how to present engaging lessons that inspire 2nd-8th grade students to explore important technology, mathematics or science principles. 

You will receive UT course credit by teaching seven hands-on lessons, with a partner, in two local public school classrooms or one middle school after-school club. Check with your advisor about how Outreach can fit into your degree plan and what type of credit you will receive.


How to Register:

CH 207K (Unique # 49310) has no prerequisites: 

Register for this course when your registration access is open as you would for any other course! 

CH 371K (Unique # 49925) has two prerequisites:

  • upper-division standing

  • six hours of upper-division course work in the College of Natural Sciences with a grade of at least a C-

If you meet these prerequisites, fill out the UTeach Outreach CH371K survey and then wait to recieve an approval email from us before you register. 

When your registration access opens, you'll be able to register for the course.


After You are Registered: 

You must attend one of our MANDATORY orientation session in Painter Hall (PAI) 4.08. Dates and times for the 2020 Spring semester are: 

  • January 22nd at 9am, 10am, 12pm, 1pm, or 2pm
  • January 23rd at 8:30am or 11am

Notice: Background Check Information

    Please note: You must pass a background check to take this course. You will be denied if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Prior felony conviction or deferred adjudication of a felony offense.
  • Prior conviction or deferred adjudication of a misdemeanor offense within the last five years involving moral turpitude (acts that are generally considered morally or ethically wrong) including but not limited to crimes that involve dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, deliberate violence, or offenses involving drugs or alcohol.
  • Felony or misdemeanor charges that are pending against the applicant involving offenses of moral turpitude or offenses involving drugs or alcohol.
  • Listing on Sexual Offenders database.