UTeach Outreach CS Service Learning Program

Our Middle School Computer Science Program working with Arduino is a huge success. Thanks to an equipment donation from Intel four schools will be served in Spring 2017.  Schools selections are full. Sign up on our waitlist here.

If you are a UT student, register for CH2017K or CH371K. At orientation you will select this Computer Science section as your first choice among the many options.


The UTeach Outreach Computer Science program has crafted a series of lessons to let students be makers every week with Arduino hardware and software. Each lesson allows the students to build a mini electrical engineering project and see the results. In this class students get the opportunity to delve into the realm of electronics and learn the basics of coding and circuitry, two exceedingly important skills in this increasingly digital age. In the last two lessons, the students are able to apply their newly learned skills to a design project. 


We are currently delivering hands-on computer science lessons to 6th and 7th grade classes. So far we have served Sadler Means Young Women's Leadership Academy, Dobie Middle School, and Covington Middle School and Burnet during the school day. Currently Burnet, and Covington are served.


"I'm in the computer engineering department, and I'm amazed at the way our lessons have taken relevant computer science and engineering concepts and made them super accessible to middle schoolers. If I had this when I was in middle school, my knowledge would be more advanced." - Intern Ryan Bridges, Computer Engineering Student at UT Austin

"UTeach is creating such a unique opportunity that will impact so many kids. The first time you actually get to touch on computer science is in high school, so being able to give 6th graders this huge head start will create a better world of thinkers and innovators." - Intern Dustin Hoang, Biomedical Engineering Student at UT Austin

"This program is great because it gives kids the unique opportunity to start developing a greater understanding of the world of electronics." - Intern Cody Krezinksi, Architectural Engineering Student at UT Austin

"The Computer Science Outreach program has been a wonderful experience. The students surprise me time and time again with their creativity and ingenuity." - Intern Andrea Esparza, Math UTeach Student at UT Austin


You can view pictures of our teachers and students in action below. If you are a parent of a student who is being served by our program, we'd love to have you learn too! Please contact your child's teacher for information about how to help.

Thank You to: 

Austin Independent School District 

Richard Pekkala - Intel

Vijay Janapa Reddi - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT-Austin 

Jason Harron - College of Education and UTeach at UT-Austin

Rosialia Gomez & Joon-Yee Chuah - Texas Advanced Computing Center 

Anita Johnson - Community Member

Rick McMaster - IBM Central Texas Discover Engineering 

Individual donors to the student intern fund 

Computer Science at all Schools

2015_AISDshorts_Uteach from Austin ISD TV on Vimeo.