Supplies & Policies

Does my student need a computer for class?

No. We will provide all necessary academic supplies.


Do we need to pay for textbooks and other supplies?

No. All materials are covered by the camp tuition.

Is there a dress code?

UT PREP expects its participants to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a learning environment. Students will do a lot of walking on site and should bring comfortable shoes. Students should bring adequate clothing to participate in recreational and athletic activities on the days those are scheduled (shorts, t-shirts, and closed-toe shoes). Students are prohibited from wearing clothing that displays offensive slogans or graphics, exposes undergarments, or is otherwise revealing. Students should refrain from wearing clothing that is unsafe for program activities, and clothing that advertises products or services that are illegal or illegal for minors. If staff determine that a student is not meeting these expectations, the student will be asked to change their attire.


Can my student have his phone while at camp?

We allow students to bring their phones to camp in case there are transportation issues, but once on campus we collect the phones from PREP 1 and 2 students to minimize distractions. We have special camp phone numbers if there is an emergency and you need to reach your student.


What do students do about lunch? Can I send money for them to buy meals at the food court?

We provide every camper with lunch and morning and afternoon snacks. If your student would prefer to bring his own lunch, that’s fine. If you student has special dietary needs, feel free to contact us at

We do not allow students to purchase food at the Student Union or from vending machines. We also have a policy of no soft drinks at camp.