Small Middle School After School Science Club

Small Middle School's After School Science Club

Here you can see weekly hands–on activities, club officers, and pictures of our students having fun in the afterschool classroom.


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Mr. Guo

Mr. Yong    




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Club Blog

UTeach Outreach applies inquiry-based strategies to help the students in the discovery process.

Lesson 1: “Today, we learned how civil engineers build strong bridges! We used an earthquake simulator to test the strength of our bridges.”

Lesson 2: "This week we learned about natural selection and how animals change over time to live. We used a simulation on our computers to make changes to our bunnies and the environment because it would take too long to observe them in real time. "

Lesson 3: “Today we learned how to identify and test rocks and minerals!”

Lesson 4: “Today we learned about different plate boundaries and how they have helped form geographical features on Earth!"

Lesson 5: “Today we learned about gravity in space and how planets move. We used a simulation to make predictions and observations!" 

Lesson 6: 

Lesson 7: 

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