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UTeach Outreach keeps a positive environment for the students to grow individually and makes teaching and learning in the classroom fun!  


Lesson 1: Today in class we talked about mass, matter, and density. We found the mass of an unknown object using a balance and determined that the units of 1 mL and 1 cm^3 are the same!

Lesson 2: Today we learned that during a physical change, the properties of a material remain the same while form changes. We also learned how to define a physical change and how to define a chemical change.

Lesson 3: Today we were nanoscientists! We learned how solar cells harvest energy from the sun in the same way that plants use solar every to live.

Lesson 4: 

Lesson 5: This week we reviewed key concepts that we learned during the other STEM clubs. We had a lot of fun playing trashketball and are excited for the competition at UT!

Lesson 6: