2019 Emergency Contact Information During Camp Hours: 

UT PREP 1 Phone: 512-749-6198
UT PREP 2 Phone: 512-552-2602
UT PREP 3 Phone: 512-552-2690
UT PREP 4 Phone:  512-552-2690
Bus Twitter: @UTPREP_Bus





2019 Transportation Information

An updated list of CapMetro bus routes that come to campus will be posted in May. 

2019 AISD Bus Transportation Schedule    

2019 DVISD Bus Transportation Schedule    

Note for Students Age 16 or Older Who Want to Drive to Camp: Due to University parking restrictions, UTeach Outreach does not offer parking permits. Campers must pay daily to park in an on-campus parking garage. Upon arrival, campers' car keys will be taken up by program staff and returned at the end of the day. Campers are responsible for all parking charges. Campers are not allowed to provide rides to other campers. Campers may not leave campus during program hours unless accompanied by an adult who has been authorized to sign the student out from camp. Violation of any of the rules above can result in the camper's dismissal from program with no refund.  We encourage students to use the free transportation provided by their district, if available, to carpool with other students in the program, or to use Capital Metro. If your family has determined that having the student drive to campus and incur parking costs is the only option, please email us at summercamps@uteach.utexas.edu. 


Weekly Lunch Menu

Mustard & Mayo packets will also be available every day. 

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