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The Lively STEM club is hosted by Ms Katherine Olson. Here you can see their weekly hands–on activities, club officers, and pictures of our students having fun in the afterschool classroom.

"Science club is a great way for 6th grade students to learn science content in a way that help reenforce what they have earned in science class. Science club is a great asset to have in this middle school." - Katie Olson, 6th grade Science teacher


Club Coaches:


Ethan                                                     KJ


Club Blog 

Club Starter: "To start off our semester of science-oriented fun, we played a few games to get to know each other. We built towers out of spaghetti and clay, we played a few rounds of "The Best Game" to find out what people are the best at, and then a game where we practiced writing thorough procedures in a fun, pass-it-on type of game."

Lesson 1: Today, we learned how to calculate density by measuring the mass of objects with a weighing scale and using a graduated cylinder to find the volume of objects by displacement. Then, we experimented with different variables in a computer simulation to identify unknown materials by measuring their properties. It was surprising to explore all the different ways that scientists could use density in their careers!

Lesson 2:  In club today, we learned about physical and chemical changes. We explored the differences between these changes, and got to see examples of them in real life with our experiments. We even dissolved Pop Rocks in water to hear them pop and release bubbles (a physical change)!

Lesson 3: In our investigation today, we started making our own solar cells! We learned about how solar panels generate electricity, and looked at all the cool things people use them for. It was interesting to learn about the similarities and differences between plants and solar cells, and we even got to come up with our own solar inventions. We’ll finish and test our homemade solar cells next week! 

Lesson 4: Today, we finished making our solar cells and tested how well they were able to generate electricity! We experimented with blueberry, blackberry, and mixed dyes on solar cells and compared their efficiencies. Lastly, we learned about how industrial silicon-type solar cells were similar or different to the solar cells that we made in club!

Lesson 5: This week, we experimented with skateboards and tracks to explore potential and kinetic energy. In our experiments, we measured the distance and time that it took for the skateboards to roll down ramps of varying heights. Then, we calculated for the skateboard’s velocity and plotted its relationship to the height of the ramp. We also investigated a skate park simulation to review conservation of energy. Finally, we saw the effects of friction by pouring water down one of the tracks!

Lesson 6: In club, we split into teams and played different games like jeopardy and trashketball to review concepts that we have learned throughout the semester. Lively Middle School Scientists are ready to bring home the gold from the UT STEM competition!

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