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UTeach Outreach applies inquiry-based strategies to help the students in the discovery process.

Lesson 1: "Today we learned about bridges, how to create stable ones, and how earthquakes cause damage to the bridges. The students used a limited amount of resources to model bridges and test their bridges to see if it can withstand an earthquake."

Lesson 2: "Today we learned about natural selection through a bunny simulation. We learned how mutations and adaptations impact the future generations of the bunnies and the population. In addition, we expanded our vocabulary with words that help us understand natural selection better." 

Lesson 3:  "Today we learned how to identify different minerals by using the same properties test that geologists use in the field. The teachers almost tricked them into thinking they had gold when they actually had pyrite, but through this experiment the students were able to learn that minerals may have similar properties but can be completely different. The scientists will learn get fooled again with minerals because of what they learned today!"

Lesson 4: "Today we learned about the different types of boundaries that form geological features on Earth. We also how a convergent boundary creates a Tsunami and affects society. In all, it was fun to recreate the boundaries using Oobleck, graham crackers, and apples!"

Lesson 5: “Today we explored a simulation that allowed us to control gravity, the Sun, and Earth. We learned how gravity was impacted between two objects mass and distance. What a fun day to be an astrophysicist!” 

Lesson 6:  "Today we explored things that NASA has invented for our everyday lives such as water filters, memory foam, space blanket, and aerogel! In addition, we learned more about the Hubble Space Telescope and what we can see through the telescope!"

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