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UTeach Outreach applies inquiry-based strategies to help the students in the discovery process.

Lesson 1: We learned how to use displacement. We learned the equation mass/volume=density. We did a volumes density and mass simulation.

Lesson 2: Today, we compared and contrasted physical and chemical changes. We added substances together and wrote down observations in order to decide whether a physical or chemical change was happening.

Lesson 3: We learned about kinetic energy and potential energy and how they depend on different things. Kinetic energy depends on velocity and potential energy depends on height. We experimented with ramps and a simulation. 

Lesson 4: We learned that milk curdles best in an acidic substance. The pH scale is neutral, acidic, and basic. We have to conserve materials and plan ahead. 

Lesson 5: We learned that you can make electricity from light. We also learned how cells work.

Lesson 6: We learned darker juices absorb more energy and solar cells are used to make electricity. 

Lesson 7: We played Jeopardy and trashketball to review for the science competition on December 11th! We are so ready!

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