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UTeach Outreach applies inquiry-based strategies to help the students in the discovery process.

Lesson 1: This week, we learned about the importance of density, and other intrinsic properties of matter, to help us identify matter. We discussed careers that use density, and we explored it ourselves with a Phet simulation.

Lesson 2: This week we did real experiments to learn about the difference between chemical and physical changes. We learned about the importance of lab safety, and that if something new is formed, we performed a chemical change!

Lesson 3: This week we explored the relationships between potential and kinetic energy of objects. We learned that potential energy is related to the height of an object, while kinetic is related to the motion of the object. We also learned that energy can change forms but cannot be created or destroyed.

Lesson 4: This week we designed our own experiments to figure out what pH milk curdles at. We learned that milk curdles when it becomes acidic. We also had fun with dry ice because it was Halloween

Lesson 5: This week we learned about how solar cells work and that they are similar to photosynthesis. We started to make our own solar cell with titanium oxide, and next week we’ll finish it and see if we can make energy from sunlight! 

Lesson 6: This week we finished our dye-based solar cells! We learned that more voltage can be generated when the cell is exposed to more intense light. We also dreamed of some future solar inventions that could make the world a better place.

Lesson 7: This week we played games to review everything we’ve learned this semester. We are ready for the competition! 

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