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Welcome to Fulmore's Inertia Nerds Club Blog!

The fulmore STEM club is hosted by Ms Katherine Olson. Here you can see their weekly hands–on activities, club officers, and pictures of our students having fun in the afterschool classroom.

"Science club is a great way for 6th grade students to learn science content in a way that help reenforce what they have earned in science class. Science club is a great asset to have in this middle school." - Katie Olson, 6th grade Science teacher


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UTeach Outreach applies inquiry-based strategies to help the students in the discovery process. 

Club Starter: "Today was the first day for Fulmore Middle School's very own "Inertia Nerds"! To start off our semester of science-oriented fun, we played a few games to get to know each other. We built towers out of spaghetti and clay, we played a few rounds of "The Best Game" to find out what people are the best at, and then a game where we practiced writing thorough procedures in a fun, pass-it-on type of game."

Lesson 1: 

Lesson 2: "We learned about the ecosystem and how animals use/have different traits to survive. We used a bunny simulation that showed how certain changes to the environment, or their traits, affected the bunny population and their ability to survive. "

Lesson 3: "This  week we learned about how geologists determine minerals using different physical properties. We did a lab where we tested different minerals on 4 different properties (luster, color, streak, and hardness) to find out what the minerals name was."

Lesson 4: "Today we learned about tectonic plates and the interactions between the plates. We played around with some Oobleck, graham crackers, and apples to explore how plates interact in real life. We also learned about how tsunamis formed from underground earthquakes before hitting Japan."

Lesson 5: "Today we learned about astrophysics and space. We talked about how orbits were affected by the weight of the sun and the planets and how far apart they are. We played with the force of gravity using a cool simulation!"

Lesson 6: "Today we learned about NASA and how we use some of the inventions they made. We did some stations that showed us how space blankets, memory foam, aerogel, and water filters work."

Lesson 7: "We did a review of all the things we learned. We did this by playing 'Trashketball' and Jeopardy. We answered a lot of different questions over things like gravity, minerals, and natural selection. This was all to prepare for our field trip to compete at UT against all of the other middle schools!"

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