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The fulmore STEM club is hosted by Ms Katherine Olson. Here you can see their weekly hands–on activities, club officers, and pictures of our students having fun in the afterschool classroom.

"Science club is a great way for 6th grade students to learn science content in a way that help reenforce what they have earned in science class. Science club is a great asset to have in this middle school." - Katie Olson, 6th grade Science teacher


Club Coaches:

Mr. Abeysinghe

Mr. Keene

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UTeach Outreach applies inquiry-based strategies to help the students in the discovery process. 

Lesson One- Balloon Rockets: "Today in science club we learned about forces and did the balloon rocket experiment. In the experiment we also found out what kinetic and potential energy were and saw that if something has more potential energy it can do more [work]. The forces we talked about were balanced and unbalanced forces. Unbalanced forces cause objects to move. Lastly we learned about friction, which is a force that stops movement."

Lesson Two - Natural Selection:  "Today we learned about natural selection and evolution. First, we did an experiment where a magnet was the predator and rubber bands and paper clips were the prey on the paper bag environment. The magnet ate the paper clips but not the rubber bands because they were camouflaged. Then we went to the computer lab to do a simulation with bunnies and wolves. When the bunnies had certain traits in their habitat the wolves couldn’t eat them, and they took over the world. Last we learned about finches and how they adapt because of where they live."

Lesson Three - Mineral Identification: "Today we learned about rocks and minerals. First, we learned that a mineral is inorganic, has a crystal structure, natural, and made of one element or compound. Then we learned how to test minerals to see what they are. We did an experiment to figure out the properties of each mineral like streak color, luster, hardness, and special properties. We used this to guess which mineral was which."
Lesson Five- Plate Tectonics: "Today we learned about the Earth’s surface and plate tectonics. We learned that the plates float on the mantle and are moved by convection and can converge, diverge, or transform. We did an experiment with apples graham crackers and oobleck to model the Earth and see what happens when plates move. We modeled making mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes."


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