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The fulmore STEM club is hosted by Ms Katherine Olson. Here you can see their weekly hands–on activities, club officers, and pictures of our students having fun in the afterschool classroom.

"Science club is a great way for 6th grade students to learn science content in a way that help reenforce what they have earned in science class. Science club is a great asset to have in this middle school." - Katie Olson, 6th grade Science teacher


Club Coaches:

Mr. Karamchandani

Mr. Chokshi


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Lilah B.

Vice President

Veda L.


Alyssa D.


Ariana F.


  Club Blog 

UTeach Outreach applies inquiry-based strategies to help the students in the discovery process. 

Lesson 1: Today the students learned about density and matter! We did a demonstration with tin foil as well as with a ping pong ball and golf ball to show them concepts of mass, volume, and density. The students also used an interactive simulation to further understand displacement and density. Finally, we tested their knowledge at the end and many of the students did very well! The students had very engaging questions with insightful thoughts and lots of creative ideas.  We had a blast with all the students and can’t wait for what’s to come! 

Lesson 2: We learned about physical and chemical changes. We did experiments where we mixed different substances and saw what happened. We went over what happens when you put vinegar and baking soda together. If you put a balloon over the vinegar and baking soda it fills with a gas. I’ve done the balloon experiment before and that was similar! It helped me understand physical and chemical changes a little more!

Lesson 3: We learned about kinetic and potential energy and where that energy is with an online simulator. We learned how to calculate velocity and how the two energies work with gravity. We also learned how to measure the two energies! We also did experiments with a skateboard and learned how to use velocity with kinetic energy. 

Lesson 4: Today we learned about the pH scale and acidity and basic and neutral substances. We did experiments where we found the pH of the liquids! We also learned how to determine what pH the milk curdled. We did fun labs with pipettes and mixed the liquids together to see how the milk would react with different substances. Determined the pH using pH indicator strips.  

Lesson 5: Today we learned about solar energy and power. We learned about solar panels and photosynthesis and started making our own solar cells. We didn't know you could make your own solar cell so that was really cool! We learned that TiO2 is in toothpaste and got to learn about resistance on the piece of glass. We are excited to see how they will be like once they are baked. 

Lesson 6: Today we got to finish making our solar cells. We were very excited to see them and using the multimeter was really cool. We’ve never done anything like this so it was really fun to use something that we created ourselves. We learned a lot about light energy and other ways to save the environment. We also learned how this solar cell is similar to how plants use the sun to make their own food for themselves. 

Lesson 7: Today we played a fun jeopardy game and the question game with the basketball! It was lots of fun and everyone got really competitive. We also got so see how much we had actually learned and it was fun because we had teams so everyone was competitive and engaged in the game! 

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