Who is eligible?

Students who are in sixth or seventh grade are eligible to enroll in PREP 1. In order to qualify, students must demonstrate achievement in their math and science courses. Once students qualify and enroll, they take a math placement test that helps us tailor our instruction to their needs.

I have a student who struggles with math. Should they still enroll in UT PREP? 

UT PREP is an advanced academic program for students who are either on-level or more advanced. 

I have an eighth-grader who would love this camp. Can she enroll even though she is older?

Sorry, no. UT PREP is most effective when students are a part of their cohort for four years. UTeach Outreach does offer other camps for which your student might qualify, such as the Research & Statistics Camp or the Engineering & Computer Science Camp. You can view these other camps on our summer camps home page.