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The Covington After-school STEM Club is hosted by Ms. Jodi Casto. Here you can see weekly hands–on activities, club officers, and pictures of our students having fun in the afterschool classroom.

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Lesson 1: "Today we discussed the topic of earthquakes, what they affect, and how they are originated. We simulated a seismograph to teach the students how they work and built a foundation out of toilet paper to show how important structures are. The students were able to build bridges out of toothpicks and marshmallows. The stuck the toothpicks between the marshmallows and we placed a weight on it, as well as shook it to ensure how the bridge would react during an earthquake. The experiment confirmed their hypothesis on how trusses were very important to build for bridges and in the outcome the kids had a lot of fun, even if their bridge broke. Afterwards, the kids did a 'Show What You Know' activity and they all got a perfect score!"

Lesson 2: "Today we discussed the topic of evolution. We used the demonstration of a magnet only taking up paper clips instead of brown rubber bands over a brown paper bag. This was to emphasize the idea of camouflage and adaptation. After that we lectured the kids about how adaption and natural selection occurs, and went over vocabulary as well. We then let the kids use a simulation involving bunnies and how they progress as a population throughout generations, and what traits they need to do so. We finished with a quiz and the kids really enjoyed learning evolution through our simulation."

Lesson 3: "This week, we introduced the topic of minerals. We started off with showing the kids "fake gold". They were very interested in it until we revealed it was fake, leading into our lesson of how to magnify minerals. We taught the kids vocabulary and reviewed our lessons until we had them magnify six different minerals to know their properties and names. The kids really engaged with this activity and even ended up getting all the names right. We ended the lesson with an experiment on how vinegar reacts with a mineral and how a blacklight can show some special properties on an illuminated mineral, leaning into our quiz. "

Lesson 4: "My partner and I discussed Plate Tectonics! We taught the kids about Convergent, Divergent, and Transform boundaries, while introducing the Oobleck experiment. We allowed them to mess with the Oobleck for a bit and then we added a graham cracker and apple slice to it. The kids loved playing around with it and seeing a subduction occur between the apple and graham cracker. We used the knowledge of plates to also teach the kids how volcanoes, mountains, and earthquakes are formed."

Lesson 5: "We introduced the topic of gravity in space. We started off by introducing the experiment of spinning a washer and looking at the rotation speed. We then used the online space simulation, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. They had a blast doing it and loved seeing how the planets would change directions. We then finished up our topic and the kids got to show off what they know!"

Lesson 6: "My partner and I introduced the topic of space engineering and how astronauts work in space. We started by showing the kids a video on the Hubble Space Telescope and having them complete a worksheet on it. We then had four stations made where the kids rotated between all of them. They really enjoyed the water filter one and the one about memory foam. They had a blast doing four activities in one lesson and were able to fill out their worksheets as well. We ended with a quiz and got them excited for the competition!"

Lesson 7: "For our last lesson, [we] reviewed all of the topics we taught before. We used games such as Trashketball and Jeopardy to do this. The kids seemed like they knew a very good amount and we said our goodbyes and took a photo with two of them. They ended up very excited for the competition."


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