CNS 101: STEM Special Service Events

Upcoming events:

Take a Girl to Engineering Day Feb. 23rd

Spring ESI Lectures 


Recent Events:

UTeach Outreach attended the interactive fair for an ESI lecture about extreme weather systems. Two Outreach Interns were at the fair teaching everyone from toddlers to grandparents about what pressure really is, how air moves in a system, and how changes in air pressure can produce extreme weather.



Austin Green Fest
UTeach Outreach attended Green Fest at Small Middle School, his zero waste event encouraged families to participate in many activities that showcased healthy living and environmentally friendly practices , programs, and resources available in the Austin community. Outreach really enjoyed teaching families about science and sustainable living practices at UT!


ESI Lecture - Chemistry
UTeach Outreach attended the interactive fair for an ESI lecture on chemistry got to teach excited students of all ages about chemistry and environmental sustainability. We taught students and families about hydrophobic compounds and the chemistry behind oil spills, as well as what techniques we have for cleaning up oil spills. The kids loved playing with the magic sand and enjoyed hands-on experience trying to clean up a mini-oil spill. It was amazing to see kids and parents so enthusiastic about science!