Camp Academics

Do the students receive grades?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, our curriculum is Texas Education Agency (TEA)-approved. In order for our students to receive high school credit and the STEM endorsement, we are required to evaluate students and report attendance (which we elaborate on more below). We do everything we can to ensure the success of our students in the classroom. The hands-on, experiential classrooms make learning fun, and we offer tutoring if students need help.

During PREP 4, we talk to families about how and whether to pursue the STEM endorsement, as each case is individual. We want to make sure our coursework strengthens a student’s college admissions portfolio if credit is claimed.


The coursework looks challenging. Who teaches the classes?

We’re glad that you asked. We think a couple of things set our camp apart from others.

One, all students who complete the four-year program are eligible to receive the STEM endorsement from the TEA. Each year of camp, students earn one component of the STEM endorsement, or one high school Career/Technical Education (CTE) Credit.

Second, our courses are taught by professional teachers who are content masters. Instructors are selected for their expertise in their field of study, and many are National Board-certified. We also use student interns, most of whom have classroom experience thanks to our nationally known Teacher Preparation Program, to provide additional one-on-one support for students who need it. Additionally, our camp is overseen by experienced staff members who are committed to creating a positive, memorable experience, including a full-time site director and on-site social worker.

Rest assured that all staff have undergone a highly competitive application process, passed an annual background check, and received training in the protection of minors before beginning work.

How much work is expected of my student?

UT PREP students work hard. The students enjoy the challenge and rigor, and we attempt to structure our coursework so that most of it can be done during the day. However, your student should plan on having homework 1-2 times per week.