AmeriCorps Members

If you are a registered AmeriCorps Member interested in working with us please complete this brief application. Your unpaid AmeriCorps hours will take place in June. Paid postions are available for July. 

Session 1 dates: Mandatory required training is June 7th & June 8th (8-4). Mandatory work dates are June 11th - June 28th, 7:45-4:15, M-Th.

If you need additional AmeriCorps hours, you also have the option to work any of the following dates: June 1st (8-4), June 4th (8-4), June 8th (8-12), June 15th (8-12), June 22nd (8-12), and June 29th (8-12). You can indicate which dates (if any) you'd like to commit to in the application. 

Session 2 dates: July 9th-July 27th M-Th (7:45 - 4:15). Session 2 positions are paid $12/hour. 

Summer 2018 AmeriCorps Positions include:

  • Class Mentor (The Class Mentor is responsible for the social and emotional needs of 1 class of 20-30 students. The Class Mentor travels with their class to all of their classes, supervises during recreational and lunch time, and leads team-building activities. There are always other instructors and interns present.) - 20 postions available
  • Content Area Intern (assisting the lead teacher with instruction in one of these courses if you have a strong background: High School Engineering, Advanced Mathematical Problem Solving (Algebra 2 or Calculus 1 or above), Advanced Placement Level Physics) - 4 postions available
  • Public Relations Intern (The public relations intern is responsible for managing external communication of UT PREP activities with community partners and parents via social media channels, Flickr, and the UTeach Outreach webpage. If you have experience, you may also be in charge of photography & videography of the camps.) - 3 positions available
  • Administration Intern (The administrative assistant is responsible for attendance, answering the phone in the office, making copies, and providing overall support for the UT PREP program.) - 1 postion available

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