2019 PREP 3

Welcome to 2019 UT PREP 3 Registration! 


Before beginning your application, please have the following ready: 

1. The completed Student Essay

2. A grade report showing at least one six-weeks or nine-weeks worth of grades. To qualify for admission, your student must meet the academic requirement of an 85 average in mathematics, science, and English. Advanced coursework may have an average of 80. If your student does not currently meet these requirements, please fill out the application and we will request additional grade reports from you as they become available. 

3. AISD students only: your student's AISD student number. If you don't know it, you can find it on your student's report card or the parent portal. If not, ask your student. 

4. If applying for a full scholarship: A letter saying that you qualify for Federal Free/Reduced Student Lunch. This letter must be for the current school year. 


Please read the following options and select the one that applies to you. 


This option is for a fully paid camp registration. 


This option is for students who have a letter saying that they qualify for Federal Free/Reduced Student Lunch. This letter must be for the current school year. If you have questions about getting these letters, please use the links below or contact someone at your child's school.

AISD Meal Benefit Applications Website

DVISD Meal Benefit Applications Website

*Note: students qualifying for federal free/reduced lunch who are not in AISD or DVISD will need to pay the $500 district fee on their own.


2019 UT PREP 3 Updates

​​At this point in time, Del Valle ISD and AISD are the only districts providing transportation again. We will post the route stops and times on our Camp Logistics page as soon as we receive the information from the districts.

​​Per our new approved Texas Education Agency (TEA) application, UT PREP is now five weeks instead of six. This will not cause large changes to the core classes of UT PREP. We hope this gives our students more time to rest between the end of UT PREP and the 2019-2020 school year.